Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Fishing Report

Flows still at 3000cfs and 11oocfs for Grey Reef and Miracle Mile.

Some floating grass at Grey Reef but nothing out of the ordinary. Miracle Mile is a little green but in good shape for the time of year. Temps at both venues are very low 60s to high 50s. Good trout temps.

Grey Reef is fishing with scuds, PMDs, caddis , midges, tricos, crawdads, leeches and worms. Early AM will have some trico spinner surface activity and late PM will have caddis surface(or very near) activity. Streamers all day long…wonder why we have gone through so many of our Goldie pattern?

Miracle Mile fishing with purple and red san juans, beedy leeches, foam post Rs2 etc. The fish at the Mile aren’t very willing to chase a lifted nymph rig (like on Grey Reef) but they have been whacking streamers a bit.

We have a 2 night spot available August 31 and Sept 1 for 2 anglers. Next lodge spot after that is arrivingĀ  Oct 16th.