Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Fishing Report

Rock solid. Some good streamer activity and we finally have Goldie Locks in stock! Nymphing yesterday down low was very good and bigger bugs were the favorites. Our small Pat’s Rubber legs, Crawdizzle and even Prince nymphs were top choices. Biggest fish of the day was 23″ and it ate the Crawdizzle on a short indicator rig.

Grey Reef only registered 61* midday about 6 miles down from the dam. Holding strong and the fish are responding well.

Miracle Mile was evacuated a few days ago due to a fire in the Seminoes. Word is the Canyon took a beating. Luckily the loss of some Ponderosa Pines shouldn’t severely impact the North Platte River as that area is very rocky. Excessive sediment shouldn’t be a result of the fires…cross our fingers.

Photo supplied by Eric S.G. and was snapped last Saturday. Monday we witnessed non stop slurry bomber operations and it seemed they knocked it down significantly.