Grey Reef Angling Report

There have been a few Grey Reef anglers out this week including a couple of our guides. They are mostly stripping streamers and hooking some nice fish, but the reports are that the nymph rigs are top producers. Streamer of choice has been a slow retrieve with an Orange Blossom Special, olive Near ‘Nuff Sculpin, Peacock bugger and a standard Goldie. An Ice Minnow or PSL trailer has also been effective. The big stuff the guys normally throw weren’t doing the trick. Nymphing a simple rig of a PAL and a foam wing RS2 dropper has been deadly. Weather has been weird this week with wild temp swings. One moment it is 40* and then the sun drops and it is -5*, the following morning it is 30*+. Hard to figure out how to dress for that. We are in a little January drought, which is not uncommon. But, winter will resume so don’t worry.

Eric and Trent are in the shop this AM so stop in and grab a cup of coffee and a new BuffTrout hat!