Grey Reef Angling Report 4/27/14

Another skiff of snow for Casper & Alcova, Wyoming last night. Only an inch or so but it is causing some black ice issues so be careful. It is supposed to snow off and on throughout the day but accumulation won’t amount to much if anything.

The Grey Reef flushing flows are over for 2014. Fishing was excellent from the first day of the flush and will only continue to improve as we move toward our full blown baetis hatch. Baetis, or blue winged olives, are what make the spring fishing on Grey Reef legendary. The rainbow spawn is also going to take off. The success of this spawn is very instrumental in the health of the North Platte River and continued excellent fishing conditions. Please refrain from targeting spawning fish and do not walk through the spawning beds or “redds”. They are so cool to watch but not sporting to catch.

Grey Reef streamer activity is moderate with some good sized fish willing to track a slowly stripped creature kept low in the column. Grey Reef nymphing is excellent with pine squirrel leeches, pulsating emergers, Deep Purples and Mahem midges. Miracle Mile fly fishing is variable and can leave you scratching your head. Small midges fished in the tailouts has been the ticket lately. Fremont Canyon fly fishing is solid with brassies, lazy midges, all day mays and a soft hackled scud.

This is the last weekend of our discounted trips and lodging and the regular season is sneaking up fast! The North Platte Lodge still has a few opening for large groups and a few more for smaller groups. We have one mid April spot and a late August for a full lodge option of up to 12 anglers.

A quick rundown of the seasons and hatches:

November-March: Midges are the hatch but leeches, scuds, worms and streamers provide consistent and very good production if you can tolerate the weather.

April-May: Baetis! Amazing hatch that creates some amazing opportunities. Get rid of the worms and eggs and match the hatch…so fun! Midges are also very important but take a backseat to beatis. Rainbow spawn.

June-July: Caddis(show earlier that the other major hatches of this season) late eve dry fly! PMDs and Yellow Sallies. PMD fishing can be tricky but Sallies are in the riffles and pretty obvious. A chance to fish a little bigger nymph. Golden Stones at Miracle Mile and very solid streamer activity. Dry fly can be excellent.

August-September: Caddis, terrestrials…yes hoppers can be great but don’t bank on that, Tricos! the most consistent dry fly option of the year. Big fish putting themselves in precarious positions to eat these petite spinners. Streamers picking up tremendously as young fish and crawdads are active as forage. Psuedos…one of my favorites and a little mentioned hatch. Don’t blink or you may miss them. Baetis…again! Fall baetis is excellent and light nymph rigs and even better dry fly that spring baetis.

Oct-November: Caddis and baetis disappear in the earlier stage and make way for midge eaters. This is streamer season on the North Platte River! Come with the big guns and go to work. You might just end up with a picture of the fish of a lifetime. Induction into our 25″ club happens frequently in the fall.