Grey Reef Angling Report

Fishing is nothing short of amazing. The upper reaches yield big rainbow after big rainbow…and they are hot! PMDs, Yellow Sallies, Caddis, Midges and evenm a few tricos and straggling baetis are present. Streamer fishing has been very productive and watching fish hot on a crawdak or goldies tail is pretty darn fun. We had some guests land fish on dry flies yesterday at Grey Reef. PMD pods in some slack water and Sallie eaters along the banks. Nymphing is silly with cdc cased PMD emergers and soft hackled sallies, birds nest, Mercers Epoxy Back etc. 4-5′ rig and a b shot will crush them all day. I gave of of my guests a new nickname the other day. His name is James but was referred to as Jimmy Cramp due to the burning and cramping forearms he experienced. We love this problem!

Things are pretty quiet and the last couple days I arranged our floats that we saw fewer than 6 boats in 2 days although we had 10 guide boats out each of the past several days things are perfect. Awesome fishing, few people, good weather and all techniques providing productive options.

Miracle Mile Golden Stones are just finally getting going. This is fun morning surface activity and dry dropper throughout the day.

RV sites are available and the cottages are in full swing. Response to the cottages have been very positive. People are very impressed with the quality, size and location of them. We have some August and September lodge spots available so give a shout to plan your stay!

Pic: Guest Pete Maningas and guide Dusty Reed smiling about the smaller of the 2 large browns they landed 2 days ago…the other gained Pete entry into the exclusive NPL 25″ Club