Grey Reef Blizzard Fishing

Fly Fishing Alcova, Wyoming right now is a practice in winter survival. Temps near zero and a bout 4″ of fluffy snow in the past several hours. Grey Reef is blanketed in white but the sun is poking through on occasion as the snow fades. Impressive midge hatch! Love all the black midges on the white snow it king of makes you stop and rethink the insect world. Miracle Mile will be tougher to access and fishing Fremont Canyon will be relatively easy.

Midges, the name of the game. Learn where and why and be a productive fly fisher for life. The rest comes easy and you won’t even consider going back. Hopefully, the weather cooperates as we have guides scheduled to be on Grey Reef this week. However, we won’t put our guests in an uncomfortable situation. There is no compromise with regard to our dedication to providing the best product on the North Platte River.