Fly Fishing Wyoming 2/24/14

North Platte River / Grey Reef Angling has been on fire. Streamers knocked their socks off yesterday and the nymphing was great. No big fish but high quality Grey Reef trout. Couple lows plowing over the Casper and Alcova, Wyoming region over the next few days. Not terribly warm and not very snowy. No reason to expect any slow fishing so get your waders wet as the weather suits you. The Reef Fly Shop guides have been on the water and are ready for the assault of the 2104 season. The shop has been open in the AM but give a shout if you plan on being here during the week so we will be sure to see you. Miracle Mile fishing report- fishing well but not silly. Fremont Canyon fishing report -fishing is about the same as Miracle Mile. Nymphing is the ticket at both venues but streamers will always get some attention. Neither pack the winter punch of Grey Reef fishing production in general but both are well worth it.

Stay tuned for the “Barn Raising” party details.