Grey Reef Fishing Report

More of the same but even better. Yesterday we had a 4 boat trip with the Sandler group and we opted to stay up high. Seth had had some amazing streamer activity on that stretch the past couple days so I was happy to go. Turned out that the streamer gig wasn’t as productive as we’d hope although it was still pretty darn good. Mid morning we all ended up in the same run with one boat on dry fly patrol, 2 streamer boats and a nymph boat…kind of chaotic and the dry fly boat suffered.

Just before lunch we switched to a short nymph rig, 4 1/2 feet and one b shot with a natural PSL and a Pulsating Emerger and it payed dividends immediately…repeatedly….and it never stopped…the rest of the day. Excellent fishing and the best part was the size of the fish….very few under 18″ and as big as 22″. Stu, with Bill and Derek lost a monster late in the day. Derek, hopefully a glass of Scotch numbed the pain.