North Platte Fishing Report fishing remains pretty amazing. Yesterday we had boats spread over the entire system from Miracle Mile to Glenrock. Streamer fishing at the Mile was ok in the AM then picked up tremendously in the afternoon. Seth mentioned the day before he and Randy and Will Cameron had excellent streamer fishing on upper Grey Reef. Lots of fish and close to 20 at 20″…but no monsters. Stu was down low and said the dry fly activity was silly…they were there for streamers but had to target lots of big fish on the surface…lots of small fish on top as well. Trevor and JJ had the same experience trying to decide weather to stick with drys, throw a streamer or rest a bit and watch the indicator constantly dance around.

The water conditions are super clear and the psuedos and still some tricos are hatching. Baetis now a little more consistent. Lots of midges as well.

It is pretty cool when you can count on fishing drys at Grey Reef. This has been a trend now since the tricos started in mid summer.