Grey Reef Fishing Report

Again, we had 3 boats out yesterday. Awesome fishing. The Hagan bunch brought Bret the former NPL owner. Fish rising all over the place and greedily eating a parachute adams was a fun reality…or chuck a Goldie with a crawdizzle(or black peacock bugger) trailer and whack 20″+ rainbows. Hummmmm? Tough choices! Didn’t even hear about nymphing.

It was cold and breezy yesterday but today should warm a bit. Typical wind comes with a warming trend on the plains. Today will be breezier. Tomorrow will be aroun 50* and by Tuesday back to 60*.

Yesterday I did my semi annual Grey Reef Rd trash pick up. Weird how most of the garbage seems very deliberately lost? If it wasn’t all cheap beer cans like Natty Light, Busch Light, 40 ounce bottles and crumpled cigarette packs I might give folks the benefit of the doubt. Profiling or just reality?

The quantity of flicked cigarette butts is appalling. Cigarette butts are garbage and belong in the trash…certainly not in the fly shop parking lot.