Wyoming Fly Fishing

Yesterday was much warmer and breezy. Fished well per usual….yawn. We had just a couple boats out as things are finally slowing for the season. We have trips scheduled in to the second week of November so far. Our discounted trips will start in mid November. Save a $100 by shortening the day a touch(due to cold and availability of light) and bring your own lunches. Still get Grey Reef’s most experienced and largest full time guide staff. Also be privileged to an unreal quantity of exclusive private access. Features only available from the North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop.

Time of year to start watching the NPL weather station. Click the link on the right and get history as well as current conditions right at Grey Reef…everybody’s doin’ it.

Almost nobody on the river and the wade fishing is super productive. This time of year yields some big browns. I field quite a few call asking about the browns “running”. This term implies a migration for spawning. Browns make up a very small percentage of the population of Grey Reef and half of the population of the Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon. Please do not target fish on the redds or actively spawning.  These fish are available, however, actively terrorizing bait of several sorts in the runs. Scour the runs and pay your dues, then a trophy brown pic will be legit.

The next few days look very nice! Low 60s and light wind. Perfect for a streamer assault (via the boat) to target a monster trout. Our go-to rig has been a Goldie Locks and trailed by a black peacock bugger or Crawdizzle. We have been preferring a 12’ish tip to get them down in the deeper runs but a floating line and longer leader will be great in the skinnier water.

Pic: Stoney Petit with another nice Grey Reef specimen last week