Grey Reef Fishing Report

Seth was out today and for the next 2. Although it was breezy they had a very good day. Temps were in the mid 50s with nobody else on the river. Conditions should be the same for the remainder of the weekend. No dry fly today but the streamer bite was productive.

Grey Reef is fishing well on nymphs like scuds, leeches midges and crawdad patterns. Streamers include The Reef’s Bronzie, Bow River Buggers in black and Near ‘Nuff sculpin.

Miracle Mile nymphing well with UV leeches, San Juan Worms, Eggs, crawdizzle and midge patterns. Swinging streamers also good fun with Goldie and a Platte River Special trailer.

Fremont nymphing with red brassie, eggs, natural pine squirrel leeches and scuds. Have a handful of adams for midge adults and something that will ride a little lower when the naturals are squiggling around in the film. Streamers of interest are creamy goodness, Spinach pie and the urchin.