Grey Reef Fishing Report

The Reef Fly Shop’s NEW articulated Goldie has been getting a lot of attention. Both from fish and anglers. Slow retrieved has been effective! We have boats on the water today so will get a good report by afternoon. I suspect it will be an interesting day on the water. Highs of 53* with big winds coming later AM as a front pushes into the region. By eve we should be sub 20* and tomorrow AM should (cross our fingers!!) have snow on the ground. The next couple days could deliver as much as a foot of snow but we won’t hold our breath for that.

We are now taking booking on the cottages for dates starting mid April!

We have some great lodge dates available but they are systematically being assigned to others. With only 4 guest rooms the past 14 years we have had to turn many folks away. BUT our 2 new rooms becoming available have alleviated some of the rejection. There are still a few options for mid April and in May. June is getting tight although we have a couple spots between the 8th and 13th and well as one spot a little later. July is crunched but a couple options still. August, Sept and Oct have some great options yet. If you have been thinking about a Grey Reef trip call for details* 307.237.1182