Grey Reef Fishing Report

The upper is looking very good and fishing is also very good! Next week looks like it is going to be beautiful. We have a couple cottages and guides available. Midges and baetis are the stars and making for fun nymph fishing on light rigs. Streamers are producing well at both Miracle Mile and Grey Reef. The old standbys like scuds, leaches, worms, crawdads and even crane flies are getting lots of attention. Fremont is pea green but fishing well…standard for this time of year. Fish are rising to both baetis midday and late afternoon to midges. Tough going to catch them on the surface with midge patterns because they seem to be most active in super smooth glides that are hard not to disturb. Such a fun challenge!

Wade fishing has been great and if you don’t know what it is like to be able to get out of the boat and work the best runs on Grey Reef you should give us a call. We have access to the best private runs on the river. So fun and a great privilege. Feel like you are missing something by dragging costume jewelery down the river? Understanding the river, the hatches and how they play out on a daily basis is one of the amazing things about fly fishing and this is what we showcase. Pinned bead rigs catch fish…but they are also illegal. Pinned bead rigs do more damage than is necessary and requires no understanding of the river, that is anybody can do it.

If you like to actually fly fish, have tons of opportunities to catch fish, have private access to wade; if you like to be guided by the region’s largest and most seasoned full time and professional guide staff, the convenience of having luxury cottages and full lodge experience right at Grey Reef and services like shuttles and boat rentals; if you enjoy a hot shower and a flush toilet while RV or tent camping? We are your answer. The North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop are the only private properties on Grey Reef Rd and we pride ourselves on offering our guests more than their expectations…every time.

Pic: Mark S. from Oregon having a good into to his elk hunt.