Grey Reef is Resilient

Yesterday fished excellent and there was nobody on the river. Grey Reef as been pounded with sediment and moisture and continues to bounce back within a day each time. In fact, each time the river has blown out our guides have still had productive days. No, you won’t see them tucking tail and abandoning ship at midday. They make it happen…even if it requires 3 different venues in a day and multiple shuttles…they make it happen. We have cancelled many trips over the past few weeks but some of our guests have traveled a long ways and are here when the stuff hits the fan. This is where our guide crew separates themselves. Guests returning with smiles and great fish stories, and the stories of fish, perseverance and hard work end up being more memorable than an ideal situation. Our guides, our location and the fact that we have our own shuttle service and owners who are there to back up the guides when they need to deviate from the run of the mill day is key. We wake up knowing what to expect because we overlook Grey Reef. Our competitors have to drive out to check conditions. This often happens with their guests in the vehicle. I can’t say enough about our crew. As the season winds down we can’t help but look forward top next year. The reality is now that we have great year-round accommodations we won’t have an end to the season. Cottages are being booked and guides reserved for the quiet months ahead. The lodge will be available for the winter months. This is a great opportunity for a corporate team building weekend. Possibilities are endless!

Ledge Creek was pushing mud and made a mess out of the river today but it fished well above that. A quick cruise off the river and a regroup had guests back into fish for the remainder of the day.