Grey Reef Fishing Report

This Am the BurRec dropped Grey Reef flows to 1260cfs and at noon twisted the valve to 1000cfs…which is where we currently are. I suspect tomorrow AM will have us down another 250cfs or so.

Trico fishing has been amazing. Nymphing and especially dry. Bill, who often runs the shop was down in front terrorizing them until about noon today. He was duking it out with a huge raft of coots who were also feverishly sipping trico spinners.

Miracle Mile flows remain in the 1140cfs range.

Fremont junkies!! You are back in business.

We want to extend a HUGE thank you to all of our guests and those who have supported us through the years. It has been a great year so far and have another month and a half before we slow. Our last lodge guests of the season will be the 27th of October. We will still be doing day trips however.

FYI, we still have 2 rooms available Oct 16-20.

HATCHES: You want to hear about fishing and not all of this romance right?

Tricos!! All morning…duns, spinners and sunken with special emphasis on spinners and sunken.

Psuedos…finally. Afternoon will get much more interesting now. Look for heads and fish chowing emergers just a few inches under the film.

Cailbaetis. Yep. Yes, it is weird. Grey Reef Reservoir and lake-like spots on the Reef have been know to produce fun C.Baetis opportunities. Don’t put much emphasis on this one unless you are a masochist.

Caddis. Still going to some degree late in the eves and worth it. On the surface…as well as midges.

Baetis. Our lovely fall old faithful. I have a sneaking suspicion the baetis are going to make a serious impact this fall season. It has been a number of years since we had really silly fall baetis action. We are talking mini rigs down the fastest water and fish crushing emergers just below the surface. Feels right…we’ll see?

Pic: This is why you should like The Reef Fly Shop on Facebook. Yesterday, Brad behind the white curtain and Trent behind the lens.