Grey Reef Fishing Today

Good news! Grey Reef is still rockin! Same story as we are heading toward the last couple days of the flushing flows on Grey Reef. Conditions are fantastic on the Grey Reef section of the North Platte River (Dam -Government Bridge). And should be fishable below soon if we don’t get any heavy wet snows to get Bear and Bolton Creeks running. Bates Creek is still semi high but has come down a bunch. The Reef is super productive with Pine Squirrel Leeches, Scuds, Deep Purple and mini Impalers. And there has been good midge activity later in the day. Fish even on the surface a little bit…or close to.

Miracle Mile fly fishing report is still not so great. Roads or fish production. Best bet at the Mile right now is nondescript tailouts with a San Juan Worm/Midge rig.

Fremont Canyon is fishing good with typical Reef nymph rigs and swinging some small streamers.

Please take good care of the rainbows during the spring spawn. They are super vulnerable and can be caught over and over due to the nature of their desires. This results in high mortality rates.

Stop into The Reef Fly Shop for great advice and a couple local patterns as you head to the ramp. Cottages are full this weekend but we do have one more room available. RV spots are also available as is one rental boat and a couple eager guides.