Grey Reef Flows

Grey Reef was dropped to 2500cfs yesterday AM. The water is CLEAR for Grey Reef! Well over 5′ is visibility.

We had 7 trips out yesterday with only 2 at Grey Reef. We started with streamers and hooked a few fish and had some follows. Once we switched to a nymph rig it was on fire. Foam Post RS2 had most of the attention on 4x fluorocarbon. 6-7′ of leader and a couple B shot. Early afternoon the wind picked up and flipped out of the north. Progress was hampered but the fish kept eating. Not quite like they did in the first half of the day however.Saw 2 other boats on the upper. That was very fleeting as they were off of the river early. Love this time of year.

Lots of big fish on trico spinners yesterday. If you like challenging dry fly fishing for big fish get here!

I didn’t get word on Miracle Mile but suspect it fished well. Flows are still in the 1100cfs range.

Today is moist and cooler but the next week looks great with temps near 80 and low to no wind.

We still have 2 rooms available Oct 17-19 but the Oct 24-27 dates are on reserve…

pic: Pete Krohn on one of his 7 days at the lodge last week. He has been visiting NPL for 12 years and fishing with Seth for the duration.