Grey Reef Fly Fishing-A Whole Lot of Winter

It’s definitely been a different winter for us in Alcova, Wyoming.  We have had some degree of snow cover since mid-December and it just keeps coming!  Granted the plowing and shoveling is starting to get a little old, we are happy for the snow and most importantly the snowpack in the upper drainage.  With several areas in the great state of Wyoming sitting well below average, the Upper North Platte has been hovering around 100%.  If we can keep this up, we should be in great shape for the 2016 fishing season!  Our reservoirs went into the winter in good condition and a wet winter/spring could very easily set us up for a fantastic water year!!  Say your prayers and keep your fingers crossed!

Now, for a little fishing report.  Travel to Central Wyoming has been a little dicey this week to say the least.  Hwy 220, I-25 and I-80 have been open and closed multiple times in the past several days.  That being said if you make it this way, the fishing has been on point.  Nymphing continues with the standard winter program.  A little more length/weight and definitely concentrate on the bottom half of the run.  If it’s got depth and a little bit of current, fish it!  If you give it a solid 10 or so drifts and nothing, start messing with your length and weight.  Bugs are pretty simple this time of year.  Leeches, scuds, annelids and midges.  We ALWAYS change our length/weight first.  Obviously, if you feel that you’ve successfully covered the water column, with zero results, then a change in fly pattern would be in order.

We have to say over the past few weeks the streamer fishing has been solid.  Some of our Grey Reef guides have been dabbling in some new streamer ideas.  Nothing crazy but a simple articulated stacked marabou pattern.  And they have been working great!!!  A slim profile seems to be crucial this time of year, as well as the color.  Several days ago we started with olive and black, the color that a lit em’ up several days before.  Conditions were more or less the same-overcast, mid 30s and calm.  Not a grab.  The second we switched to a ginger and cream, it was game on!  It just goes to show, no two days are the same and color matters!