Grey Reef Fly Fishing-February Thaw

Well, we are already sitting at the midpoint of the month and the weather has definitely made a turn for the better.  Almost all of our low elevation snow-pack has disappeared from the valley floor here in Alcova, Wyoming.  As I sit here writing our report this morning, we have Grey Reef guide boats loaded up and heading out for the day.  Taking advantage of some beautiful winter weather! As you would suspect we are seeing some minor runoff, primarily downstream of Lusby and Government Bridge.  We currently have excellent water conditions of the upper(Grey Reef Dam-Lusby) and the lower is still fishable even with a little bit of cloudy water.

That being said if you make it this way, the fishing has been on point.  Nymphing continues with the standard winter program.  A little more length/weight and definitely concentrate on the bottom half of the run.  If it’s got depth and a little bit of current, fish it!  If you give it a solid 10 or so drifts and nothing, start messing with your length and weight.  We are getting a pretty solid daily midge hatch on upper Grey Reef, allowing us to fish a shorter rig.  The midge hatch has been kicking off late morning and carrying through to the afternoon.  Same bugs as our last report-leeches, scuds, annelids and midges(PALs, GS mayhem, all-day may, etc.).

Streamer fishing continues to be pretty stellar for winter time.  White, olive and natural continue to be our go-to colors and we have picked up the speed of our retrieve and it is working well!  Nothing crazy, just a long 8-12″ strip with a little snap at the end.  The fish are liking the snap!