Grey Reef Fly Fishing and Primer Trip Sale

Yesterday the boys had a great day. Fished very well and they were able to stay out of the mix of variable water conditions and the few boats that were out. We cancelled boats yesterday and today as a precaution but it seems that move wasn’t necessary. However, we still have a couple out for each of the next 4 days.

This week will be gorgeous weather and Thursday/Friday will be mid – upper 60s. Check the NPL Weather Station for the only Grey Reef weather report. Early next week we will be back to wintery conditions.

Know how to fish? Want to vastly decrease the Grey Reef learning curve? Call us to schedule (or walk in) a Grey Reef Primer. This service is for 2 anglers to learn how to approach fishing at Grey Reef. 2 hours of expert advice and a dozen flies is invaluable at the regular price of $160. Through the end of March the Primer is $125!