Big weekend on the North Platte!

Well, I think it’s safe to say that this was the breakout weekend for the 2012 season.  With water conditions at Grey Reef being slightly questionable we held off on our guide boats until yesterday.  Visibility on the upper river (Grey Reef-Lusby) was around 1.5-2ft.  Plenty good for fishing!   Hot-head pine squirrel leeches, hot-head mohairs, reef worms, IEDs, mini impalers, PALs and a tailwater tiny were THE bugs.

Rick and Seth used one of our private boat ramps with Meyers gang and had an awesome day!  Gary Meyers, a Casper native said it was the most doubles he had ever had!

For all those wadefishing junkies out there we had several PRIMER trips and all reports came back great.  Same bugs, on a 6-8ft nymph rig with anything from a single BB to two ABs.  A lot of fish still hanging in the lower parts of the runs.  As always we are still picking up a few on streamers and our guide boats yesterday did well on a goldie…surprise, surprise.  We did try some other patterns but the goldie out produced everything else.

Have some great weather the next four days!  Have guide boats out everyday this week, so we will keep you posted.  Thanks to all those that stopped in the shop this weekend.  It was our best weekend of the 2012 season!