Grey Reef Fly Fishing Report

Same bugs, same techniques! The water is chilly and the best production will be on soft edges and tailouts…most of the time. During the daily midge hatch expect fish to slide up to the drops and be a little more aggressive. With our calm and cool conditions we have seen some moderately successful dry fly. Generally the fish don’t get very concentrated while eating midge adults but it can make for fun and hectic action.

If you are researching your spring “cheap” trip. You might want to pause? The Reef Fly Shop will have the coolest and largest cottages available in the region. These will come with some perks added to a fishing trip. Plus you will have a great view, be in walking distance of the fly shop, fishing and the bar. Not to mention that we are only one of 2 outfitters with meaningful private access and ours is nearly 3 times the quantity with 17 miles from Grey Reef Dam to below Government Bridge. Our staff is by far the largest and most experienced full time Grey Reef crew. Too many more advantages to the North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop to list but some research will enforce it.