Grey Reef Fly Fishing Report

Fishing has been pretty darn good on the entire Miracle Mile, Fremont Canyon and Grey Reef system. Miracle Mile flows are 800cfs, Fremont Canyon flows are 75cfs and Grey Reef flows are 500cfs. Grey Reef is fishing well with PTs, Electric Caddis, Bird’s nests, foam wing rs2, PAL etc. Psuedos should pop in a big way any day. This means short rigs in shallow riffles and some afternoon dry fly opportunities. Caddis on the surface is great just before sundown. Streamer bite is solid and a tandem Goldie/Crawdizzle rig has been deadly. But lots of bugs will get the job done. Bring multiple rods and be ready for different fishing options as they arise.

We always get the questions about tough fishing on the upper stretches when the weeds beds are present. The reality is the fishing is great and the potential for the really big fish is best on upper Grey Reef. The average size is better on upper Grey Reef although below Casper can yield impressive average size as well if you fish streamers. The runs migrate with the weed beds. This sounds weird but is very important for success. Also, if you employ dredging tactics the chances for scooping algae is increased significantly….this is annoying to say the least. We set up rigs a little different to keep the bugs at a different level evvn if you have to go deeper in some runs. And some runs will require deep tactics as the weeds can increase depth tremendously. Consider a Primer Tripp with the guides at The Reef Fly Shop and NPL. There is no better resource for fall success and they will break the myth of poor fall fishing.

This week we are expecting temps back into the 80s with beautifully cool eves.