Grey Reef Fly Fishing Report – March 6

The Grey Reef Fly Fishing Report is solid fishing in Alcova, Wyoming but the river is green on the true Grey Reef section of the North Platte River, from Grey Reef Dam to Government Bridge. The upper is where you should focus your efforts due to increased run off as you travel downstream. Today we are expecting 55* and 55mph gusts….a genuine 50/50 day! This will do some major damage to the existing snow and will likely exacerbate the green river conditions.

Fremont Canyon and Miracle Mile fishing report is also good. Fremont is clear and fishing particularity well. Miracle Mile access is still a little muddy in spots and fishing good. Now on par with Grey Reef but well worth it.

Thanks for the sore ears! The phones at the shop and lodge have been ringing off the hook and we are very grateful for that. Do not hesitate to call for any reason. If you need a conditions or road report or questions about bugs or the flush…give us a yell. Brad is front and center at The Reef Fly Shop and can give you the play by play as it unfolds.

We are proud to announce that we are now a Patagonia dealer! We have always worn a lot of Patagonia gear for the simple reason that it works better than anything and far outlasts its welcome in our wardrobes. You ever want to just have a new piece of gear because you are tired of the old stuff? Hard to justify it when it is still in great condition, right? Well that is the Patagonia dilemma…you better want that piece of gear for a long time or plan an exit strategy.