Grey Reef Fly Fishing Report Weeks Later

Sorry for the lack of reports!! I have a lack of internet and am about over it. Our family has moved to a new home and STILL don’t have a connection. Enough of the the sob story and on to fishing. Good! The dry fly has been mediocre with tricos weak and hoppers elusive. BUT if you like to be out late the caddis will give it up. Midge hatches are strong and so are caddis. Scuds, leeches and worms are doing a solid job. Later in the day slow water seems a but tougher and a push to a riffle will get the action back in check. We have been very busy this year and want to thank everybody for their support. Trent and I have had special challenges and both being elective and life changing events BUT our focus has been a touch blurry.

We are super excited for cooler eves and the streamer onslaught fast approaching. Psuedos will be here soon! Fun mini rigs and dry fly. Then come fall baetis. Sage Grouse season is a few weeks away and the dogs are ready.