Grey Reef Guide Report

Congrats!! Tom Corson on a Rainbown that was just shy of 25″ with guest guide Mark Schmidt.

Congrats!! Dave Macgruber on a 28″ brown with NPL and TRFS co-owner Trent Tatum…one of the pics above. See more at The North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop facebook pages.



It was a very nice weekend! We were expecting pretty stiff wind yesterday and it didn’t pick up until 3:30 or so…very calm all weekend up until that point.

Fishing was pretty darn impressive. The baetis weren’t too active on Friday or Saturday but production was high (glutinous high) regardless. Worms, leeches and midges preformed their duties. Yesterday AM started out well but very little happening any where else but on the bottom of the river. Worms and leeches with lighter tippet kept us hooking fish in the deep troughs…solid fishing but not insane. Of course every boat on the river is dragging around eggs and worms so by midday we abandoned that. We rigged small, black yarn indicators on 4′ of leader with 5x fluro and a #20 Lazy Midge with an #18 olive Pulsating Emerger, Foam Post Rs2s and light weight and went to work. We fished a lot of the ‘tweener water where big fish were doing what fly fishers love…eating imitated insects, the hatch of the day. As the hatch progressed the fishing became crazy. It didn’t matter how deep the water was they were actively attacking very suspended baetis patterns. This is what make spring so great at Grey Reef! Late in the afternoon good dry fly opportunities presented themselves and had some guests take full advantage. The story of the weekend can be summarized by some huge fish, lots of fish and fishing using very fun techniques.

Joke of the Day by Trevor Wine: “So do you think they switch to green trout beads during the Blue Winged Olive hatch?”