Grey Reef is Old Faithful

Lots of inquires lately about our fishing conditions as they relate to most other rivers in the west. In Colorado they are contending with high run off  conditions while our Montana friends to the north are battling a dry winter impact and low/warm rivers. Moratoriums have been placed on many waterways in Montana and fishing has been limited. The North Platte River is fishing very well and the water temps are great. Grey Reef is expecting/hoping for another 500cfs soon to add to our current 1000cfs. Water temps were 51* yesterday afternoon at the Cable Hole…chilly! We have had 3 cool days but will see summertime conditions return tomorrow. Miracle Mile flows are1500cfs and the Golden Stones are doing what they do! This hatch is fleeting but the fishing will remain strong as the temps and clarity are great. Yellow Sallies and Caddis are doing well at the Miracle Mile with PMDs holding their own. Grey Reef shoved the tricos back in their hole when the water temps dropped with the added flow…GOOD! PMDs and Sallies are slow going due to the temp shock. This doesn’t equate to poor fishing at all. It is very strong with short bug rigs. Yes PMD, Sallie and Caddis patterns are the best option with a foam wing RS2 dropper. Fish are healthy and big!

Seeing some good indications for good hopper fishing in August and great Sage Grouse hunting this fall. Also looking VERY good for trophy trout fishing this fall. The fish are big and packing it on right now. Mid Oct – Mid November has been the prime time for the 25″+ targets. Mid Sept – Mid Oct exceptional for fishing lower stretches and targeting them with streamers.