Grey Reef is Old Faithful

Grey Reef fishing guides reported excellent fishing yesterday. Even during the muddy water water days it fished pretty darn well. Luckily Central Wyoming has a lot of very good options for fishing in the rare event that Grey Reef or Miracle Mile aren’t in the best of condition. A number of our guests really enjoyed the adventure aspect of the days as the guides were showing them different pieces of water and using dry/dropper, streamer and emerger rigs. We are fortunate to be able to have so much private access on the best portions of Grey Reef so our guests were able to wade the most fishable and productive water.

Still a midge and baetis program. Caddis are showing and PMDs and Yellow Sallie nymphs are squiggling around under the water. Short/light emerger (fly) rigs are king and there have been great dry/dropper opportunities as well. Make sure your guide is taking advantage of what Grey Reef really has to offer.

The BuRec bumped the flows at Grey Reef to 840CFS yesterday and after high fives and whoops they choked it back to 500cfs. Not sure what they were doing but we were excited for a brief moment.

The Reef Fly Shop, Cottage & RV has a last minute cottage vacancy this weekend. Grab it quick! Fishing and weather are both very good and our location can’t be matched. Fish have been rising right out in front of the shop in CLEAR water. No other lodging facility has clear water right now. The North Platte Lodge has a 3 night spot for 2 angler June 3-5 and a 2 room spot June 20-22. Both excellent opportunities. Beyond that we go into the 23rd of August before anything is available.