Wyoming Fly Fishing

Grey Reef is on the mend. Brown has flushed out of the upper couple miles of the Grey Reef section of the North Platte River and has now turned green. The lower sections below Government Bridge are still a mess. Fishing has remained good as a result of sticking and moving. We have lots of other options so the guides have been taking full advantage and being creative. Guests are coming back pretty excited to have seen different and done some different things and off the wall things. We always like to make sure to provide some variety and show our guests a different view and techniques but sometimes forget that some of the “small” options can be so fun. These can backfire when all options are on the table however. During lousy water events they are heroes.

White has been a good attractor in the off water. Foam wing RS2 still got them in the mud. PSL and purple worms have also been good. Miracle Mile fly fishing report is so-so. Miracle Mile water conditions are good and the roads remain ok. Fremont Canyon fishing is very good and has been busy. Central Wyoming Carp fishing is on our mind and a solid exploratory mission is on the horizon.