Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Fishing Guide Report

Grey Reef flows remain at 2500cfs and the river is in spectacular condition. Fish is good. There are fish in the slow and deep spots are well as the shallow and pushy runs. You need to be on your game as the opportunity is fleeting. In the fast water fishing shorter and heavyish and the eats are viscous. In the slow water fish a bit longer and heavier and get on the slightest wiggle. Grey Reef is not very buggy right now. We are seeing Tricos, caddis, a PMD and Sally here and there. Midges of course. Streamer fishing has been pretty good as well. Totally worth spending some time pounding the banks.

Miracle Mile flows are down to 500cfs and it is a touch of it’s traditional tannic tea color. Worms, leeches and soft hackles getting the job done nicely at the Mile.

We fully expect the hatches to blossom as we increase the water temp a few degrees. This should happen very soon as the air temp is in the mid 90s this week. Blanket hatches of tricks and the caddis should go crazy. Plus we are getting some good hopper eats as well…this will only improve!