Gibson July 2016

This is Gibson and his first fish on a fly^.

Fishing is solid at Grey Reef. It is not red hot but consistent and willing to give up the goods to those who stay in the game. Lots of fish right where they are supposed to be so make sure to work with your guide as those seams and drops are one-time opportunities…odds are in your favor if you do. Grey Reef flows are 2500cfs and the river is clear. Some floating debris but not really an issue. Tricos are hatching good and the spinner fall is getting the trout looking up. These dry fly sessions will be the norm for most of the remainder of the season. Caddis are in the heavy water and fish are eating them on or near the surface in the evening. The North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop, Cottages and RV are positioned perfectly for evening dry fly events. Location? Check! When the fish pod up and decide to present a dry fly fishing at strange times of the day, get out of the boat and approach from downstream. Oh, but it is private land…chances are you will be drooling over a run that is on our exclusive private lease. By far, the most Private access? Check! Keep putting down pods of fish? The same old rig not doing the trick? A guide with a long history on Grey Reef makes all the difference when things are SEEMINGLY difficult. Most experienced crew on the ditch? Check! Speaking of rigs we have been having some great success on streamers of several varieties(Goldie)…mostly on the banks or structure. ┬áDry fly has been good in light riffles for tricos, a rusty spinner, bunny dun, para adams and yes even some bigger attractors will get the first couple eager fish out of the pod. Nymphing has been a 5-6′ rig with light tippet and a b shot(or thereabouts) freestone style nymphs like Princes and ┬áHare’s Ear on top with a foam wing RS2 dangling. Leaches and soft hackles are also great to lead with. We did well on an old fashioned Partridge and Yellow the other day.

Miracle Mile fishing has been up and down with the flows. The Mile is at 500cfs currently but has been going up to 1500cfs sporadically. The fish are there and eating but are in turmoil. Worms, leaches, half backs to lead and soft hackled caddis stuff as droppers. Of course, don’t discount crawdads, scuds, midges, Sallies and PMDs.

Fremont canyon is doing its typical thing and it is squarely in caddis mode. Fish do some weird things too eat caddis so mirror that and fish where it is weird and difficult…perseverance in this arena will be rewarded!

Big Horn River and Wind River in Thermopolis Wyoming. Fly fishing Thermopolis is great right now and there are few doing it. Middays are so-so but Am tricos and evening caddis are keeping their eyes tilted up. Streamers are getting them in the obvious spots and keep your nymph rig adjusted appropriately to deal with the Greasy Grass.