Grey Reef & Miracle Mile Fishing Report

Can’t really say enough good about the fishing…with a couple of exceptions.

Miracle Mile is fishing great. Worms and leeches weren’t as popular as small bugs the past few days however. Foam post RS2s and WD40 are good choices

Grey Reef…Top to bottom doing it all well. Some very good dry fly opportunities persist. Baetis, Psuedos and caddis. Streamers are working very well. In fact, Trent and Trevor went out late yesterday to do a quick streamer assault. They found a lot of very aggressive juvenile rainbows…lots of action but the size was lacking. Seth and Stu were down way low yesterday and again today…that should speak for itself.

Upcoming Weather: NOAA is telling us that Tuesday will be almost 80 and Wednesday will struggle to make 60. A low in the low 30s Wed night and a high on Thursday of mid 40s. Chance of snow and rain as well. Is this unusual? Not really. The early 2000s had similar spring and summer weather…warm and calm. But winter slapped us early. This is actually a week behind those years. Bring clothes for summer and winter and embrace the cool conditions. It WILL excite the baetis.

Time to start watching the NPL weather station for current wind and temps right at Grey Reef.