Wyoming Fly Fishing

Trent and the Murphy Bros. spent the day head hunting on the upper Grey Reef section. They had a stellar day of poking big rainbows on the surface. Rick and the Arnolds had a great day on the upper as well. Haven’t heard from Stu yet as he was below Casper and has been for the past several days. Seth, JJ, Brad and Adam all spent the day at Miracle Mile with the 1/2 of the Murphy group, Swifts and Jones bunch. Trevor made it back to Alcova last Friday…was guiding Saturday and Sunday, so spend today honing his wade fishing targets for his trip tomorrow. It has been a busy year and we can’t thank everybody enough!

Needless to say the fishing is excellent. Pick any or all disciplines and go to work…they are all producing very well. Drys, streamers and of course nymphs.

Thanks for your patience with regard to our derelict credit card machine at The Reef Fly Shop. We will be back in business  as soon as the new contraption arrives.

We expect chilly conditions starting Wednesday. Plan for wintery weather AND for huge baetis hatches!