Grey Reef Miracle Mile Fishing Report

Grey Reef 500cfs

Miracle Mile 520cfs

Fremont Canyon 72cfs

Grey Reef fished excellent again yesterday. George Klichefski of MN had several fish on drys, one on a streamer and nymphing by 9AM yesterday. We spent a good portion of the day throwing a large streamer rig and hooked some very nice fish. Water is very clear. It is pretty cool to see as many fish as we are when you are just pushing through spots. The coolest thing is seeing so many huge crawdads milling around on the bottom.

We didn’t have any trips at Miracle Mile yesterday but the previous day had several trips on and it fished excellent. Beady leeches and San Juan Worms in red and purple seem to get the most attention.

We have had a very busy schedule and apologize for having to turn some folks away. We won’t put you on the water with an inexperienced guide.