North Platte River Flows-Mostly at Winter Levels


Grey Reef flows are 500cfs this AM.

Miracle Mile flows are 900cfs this AM.

Fremont Canyon flows are 74cfs this AM.

Fishing is excellent right now. Grey Reef is super clear, very little floating debris to contend with and the fish are feeding heavily. Yesterday was marginal for tricos but psuedos are coming on strong and the combination of the 2 had fish rising all day. Crane flies and caddis were also very visible yesterday. Miracle Mile is a little cloudy with a couple feet of visibility but fishing very well.

Yesterday was a spectacular day on the water. Cool and calm, with silly fishing.  Although we had 6 trips out we all spread out and I saw ZERO boats yesterday.

Pic: Brian Vinchur and JJ at the Mile