Grey Reef / Miracle Mile / Fremont Canyon Fishing Report

Wow! What perfect weather we have had the last few days.  Everything is fishing well. I spent some time out at the Miracle Mile yesterday throwing streamers and I was pleasantly rewarded with several nice fish. Spot hopping was the way to go and I found eager trout in nearly every run.  The Reef’s Goldie trailed with a Crawdizzle worked, as well as a Yellow Sex Dungeon.  Clarity and flows are excellent and at 550 cfs the wading was very easy.  Fremont Canyon has been seeing  prolific hatches of Psuedos, Tricos and some Caddis near dusk.  The trout haven’t been particularly picky about patterns, but a good presentation is the key. Flows are normal at 80 cfs and clarity has improved considerably with the recent cool nights.  The wade fishing at Grey Reef is still good and the weeds are starting to die off.  A bit more water is becoming available daily. The Trappers route stretch was insane on Tuesday.   The trees are showing their fall colors, clarity and wading are good, and there is no better time to fish this idyllic setting.  Baetis, Trico, and Caddis patterns should handle any risers and a worm, leech, RS2, prince or hare’s ear combo will produce while nymphing.