Loving Grey Reef and Miracle Mile in the Fall!

Grey Reef, Fremont Canyon and Miracle Mile fly fishing very good all around. Streamer bite is erratic but worth the effort. Dry fly fishing is good with psuedos and baetis coming off simultaneously for much of the afternoon. Nymph rigs the most productive. Fishing pretty short in shallow and pushy water. PSL, foam wing rs2, scuds, worms, PAL, soft hackled hair’s ear etc etc. Caddis become important late in the day as well. Even crane flies meeting their demise while skittering across the surface. Some big fish hitting the net! This short is Paul with a great North Platte River brown trout. Oh yeah! Tricos still in the AM and they are eating the spinners. Streamers that we hooked fish on yesterday are Near Nuff Sculpin in both tan and olive (a staple in my streamer box). Crawdak( another bug I hate to be out of) and a Goldie(repeat).