Grey Reef Reduced Flows


Central Wyoming Fly Fishing is firing on all cylinders. We have had volatile weather over the past week and its impact is evident. A very green prairie and off colored water lower in the system are the tell-tale signs of Wyoming spring. The Grey Reef Section of the North Platte River, Grey Reef Dam to Lusby, has maintained excellent fishing. Once you reach the Narrows the river is packing a big load of silt so below Government Bridge and Into Casper the fly fishing opportunities will diminish significantly. Miracle Mile, although being over-loved, is still fishing well. Fremont Canyon is tip-top and the fly fishing report suggests light emerger rigs and dialing in your bug game. Grey Reef Flows have been reduced to 1600cfs from 2500cfs just 2 days ago. This is likely the beginning of even lower flows and the time when a fly angler will have great success. It has always been an interesting thing to observe those who adapt and those who can’t wrap their head around it. One thing is for certain, if there is a lack of “success” it isn’t the river or the fish’s fault. This is the time to scrutinize your approach. Fast-track it with a stop in The Reef Fly Shop for advice or a guided trip. The “Grey Reef Primer” is designed to instruct you how to succeed on Grey Reef’s public water. Our half and full day trips gain you access to not only the best crew in the region but the most private access and private ramps. There is no doubt 2018 is going to be a summer to remember. The dry fly gig will be on point and the hopper forecast is high. We have some awesome lodge options so give a shout. Don’t forget North Platte Lodge has hunting and some remote fishing options available as well. These adventures require full involvement and long days but they are oh so worth it.