Grey Reef River Flows

Grey Reef has been bumped a tad to 2800cfs. Fishing is excellent with worms, leeches, PMDs, Yellow Sallies, scuds and caddis. A maggot trailed by a soft hackled sallie or Mercer’s Epoxy Back will produce all day long. Worms and soft hackled caddis and Sallie patterns have been particularly effective below Government Bridge. We are still fishing short and light despite the bigger flows. If you rig up this way and stick to the way that would be appropriate for that rig you will be very successful. If you rig to fish the deepest water you will be in too much current and have very little success in the runs….frog water you will be fine. Moral of the story is fish where the fish want to be and most often it is not nessesarily in the deepest and fastest water.

Miracle Mile flows are 3000cfs and it is fishing well. Again big flows are a great opportunity at Miracle Mile just like at Grey Reef. Just because the water comes up doesn’t mean the fish stop eating or that they become unreachable because they are way out in the run that they were in a t 500cfs. It doesn’t work that way. The fish move to accommodate their habits….bigger water means they move closer to the anglers(edges) in almost every case. Fishing is about adapting and recognizing what the fish are doing.

Higher water at Grey Reef is not synonymous with poor fishing or no wade fishing opportunities…quite the contrary.

Guide JJ Randolph landed another mongo brown last night. This season has been very productive for numbers like always but the quantity of trophy fish being landed is impressive.