North Platte Fly Fishing Report

So…we’ve seen another minor bump in Grey Reef flows, we are now at 2,800cfs.  Our guide boats have been everywhere in the past week or so, from Miracle Mile to Casper.  The Mile has been fishing fair, the infamous snow drift is still hanging on, so we are probably a week or two out from the golden stones.  Once that really gets going we should see the fishing pick up.  As for the Reef, with the increase in flows we have seen a decrease in water clarity below Government Bridge.  This should continue to get better, barring no major rain events…  Fishing on Grey Reef is back on track in a major way!  We are definitely doing better in the tailouts and big flats.   PMDs, caddis, midges and sally nymphs are all on the menu…and there’s no reason to be long and heavy….4-6ft and 1B-2BB.