Grey Reef Spring Flush

Geoff Mueller Junk Hole brown with 2 hander Nov 3rd

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing report is rock solid. All venues fishing well including Miracle Mile, Fremont  Canyon and Grey Reef. There are some good streamer opportunities on Grey Reef and the sections closer to Casper, WY are clear and fishing good enough that a trophy trout is a possibility. Grey Reef anglers and The Reef Fly Shop guides are reporting excellent nymphing  on the upper reaches with midge patterns, light tippet and weight. Check out the Trouthunter tippet next time you are in the shop, great stuff! We still have a couple cottages ( newly improved!) available this weekend and the weather report for Casper and Alcova is insane. Light and variable wind and 60 degrees with sun. Since the skiing has been less than blower the past several weeks you better get out the long rod and make a few drifts. Miracle Mile fishing report is also good with nymph rigs and the road report is great…get it while you can. Fremont Canyon fishing report is excellent with nymph rigs and there has been some fun midge dry fly sessions.

Grey Reef will see the annual spring flush start this coming Monday! This event is responsible for Grey Reef’s legendary status with both size of fish and the quantity. Flows will increase to over 4000cfs and drop back to 500cfs ever day for 10 days. This is a very early flush as the weather has been incredible and there is little ice in the river. What does this mean? The flush will happen largely prior to the spawn and have little impact on our trout doing their thing. We are crossing our fingers that the Wyoming Game and Fish and the Bureau of Reclamation can keep the flows high enough to limit angler impact on the Gray Reef spawning beds.

Have you stopped into The Reef Fly Shop lately? That place is packed to the gills with good stuff from Patagonia, Simms, Scott, Nautilus and gobs of BuffTrout logo gear. The fly selection is awesome and our personal service and advice to all anglers is unmatched. Heck, we take care of their guides better than they take care of their own. Lots of great things happening on Grey Reef Road! No matter how romantic they make it sound they can’t compare with our quality, location, access to the river and exclusive private access, boat rental fleet, RV camping, nightly lodging, full lodge service and our experience.