Grey Reef Spring Flush

SPRING FLUSH FOR THE GREY REEF section of the North Platte River is tentatively starting March 10th. They are shooting for a 10 day flush. Grey Reef must have little ice for the G & F to give the go-ahead. Casper, Wyoming Game and Fish field office provided this info.

Fly Fishing around Alcova, Wyoming yesterday was BEAUTIFUL! Grey Reef weather forecast on Friday was calling for big winds on Saturday although Friday’s winds didn’t materialize either. Yesterday was calm and Grey Reef and Fremont Canyon fished excellent. Miracle Mile fishing report was blank as I didn’t receive word on roads or fishing conditions. Grey Reef floating conditions are good to Government Bridge but still locked up before Sechrist. Things should be loosened up with our warm conditions all this week. Bear Mountain and the ridges above Grey Reef are becoming sparse of snow and may be positive for limited run off. Our upper North Platte River snowpack is near 130% and if we hold that we will be in for a great water year.

Remember, when floating below Government Bridge the left side of the river is BLM or Wyoming State Lands all the way below the Gray Cliffs. The right side is private (our lease and not available for public trespass) until you get to the big white house on river right. There is a blue G & F sign that marks the property. The river has a 50′ permanent public access on ALL private properties on river right until you get to the 2nd set of back channels at the Gray Cliffs(red sign). The land surrounding By The Way is available for PUBLIC ACCESS on river right despite what you may have read about it being exclusive private access. Immediately below that property we also have private access but it doesn’t limit public trespass 50′ above the high water mark. You can wade and drop anchor on ground that we have access to (that piece ends at Bates Creek). The next land owner also has a 50′ easement on the portions below the Wyoming State land surrounding Bates Creek until you see that red sign on the right side at Gray Cliffs. If you have ANY questions regarding what is and what isn’t public or if private has public easements give me a call. I will be happy to explain the trespass situation to you. There is a lot more public access on the Grey Reef section of the North Platte River than you might realize. Although there is limited public access on the most desirable upper 13 miles of Grey Reef. We have exclusive private access most of the right side from Grey Reef boat ramp to Government Bridge and some of the left. Crazy Rainbow has a pretty good chunk of the left side that totals about 1/3 of our total access. We are the 2 outfitters to offer meaningful private access. Crazy Rainbow and North Platte Lodge are the only outfitters to offer private boat ramps with a true advantage over other private ramps…meaning they that aren’t within a 1/2 mile or less of public ramps.  Same goes for Grey Reef lodging and cabins. Nobody can touch our location. Be careful what you believe.