Fish Casper Wyoming on the Cheap

Fly Fishing Wyoming is encouraged by warm temps…the snow is quickly vacating. We almost hit 50* in the Grey Reef area yesterday. There were few anglers but the boys who were staying in one of our cottages said production was good. They even landed a sucker and saw somebody land a carp which is rare. Brad, The Reef Fly Shop guru, said fishing was “silly” on Thursday. Almost every cast with a well placed drift and the right fly for the job. He went with the Alcova purple theme and landed them on our new Mayhem Midge, Foam Wing RS2 and the Deep Purple.

Grey Reef, Fremont Canyon and Miracle Mile all fishing well. Reports are the road to Miracle Mile is not ideal unless you like mud. A couple more days and that should be nice and firm. Nymph rigs at all 3 venues the most productive but streamers attracting big fish.

The Reef Fly Shop, Cottages & RV is still offering our early season Grey Reef angling special. Day trip $350, Day trip and one night in our Grey Reef cabins $450, day trip and 2 nights in our Grey Reef cabins $525.

We now have added another couple miles of private access below Government Bridge. We won’t tell you that our new access is exclusive because it is lined with a 50′ permanent public easement that anybody can use. We still have 17 miles of exclusive access only for our guests starting right below Grey Reef. This will allow for another private boat ramp that will put us in front of any outfitter. Advantage NPL and TRFS! Location, location, location. Anybody in an 80 mile stretch can claim “Grey Reef” but we are the only outfitter and lodging operation anywhere near the most desirable upper river. We are one of 2 outfitters in the region who actually offer meaningful exclusive private access. Our access is about 3 times their total. Not all private boat ramps provide any advantage. Do a little research and find out the truth about Grey Reef Fly Fishing. It won’t come from reading as websites are easy to “stretch the truth” and confuse the names. Our names North Platte Lodge, Grey Reef Outfitters and The Reef Fly Shop, Cottages & RV since 1998.