Grey Reef Updates and Eclipse Chaos


Monsoonal moisture has been a rollercoaster the past couple weeks. Grey Reef is still at 2000cfs so burps are quickly wiped away but the store 2 nights ago trashed Grey Reef Reservoir. At Lusby there is almost no vis this morning. However, in true central Wyoming fish fashion we are NEVER out of the game. Area creek, ponds, reservoir and alternate tailwaters like Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon provide awesome opportunities as you’ll see in the photo of Wayne Henry from yesterday. We are still riding the trico, midge and caddis train. And as a quick FYI if you or your guide are pegging (snagging) with chenille or zonked fur you are fishing illegally. The only allowed snagging-rig is with plastic beads to imitate eggs.

Eclipse festivities kick off today and there is so much happening in the Casper area that it is mind boggling. Notable facts to remember for the Alcova and Grey Reef areas

  1. No camping outside of designated campsites at Grey Reef, that is the land between Hwy 220 and along Great Reef road and to the river. There is a BLM overflow area below Government Bridge and if it rains it will be a muddy mess.
  2. No Fires, charcoal grills or smoking outside of your vehicle. Don’t fling your butts out the window, please.
  3. We will not be running shuttles or renting anymore boats on Sunday or Monday.
  4. Jalan Crossland and The last Coyote are playing at the Sunset Grill on Friday night…awesome show.
  5. It will be dark for a little bit…during an unnatural time