PICTURE Frank with a hopper-eating, Grey Reef Philly yesterday afternoon

North Platte Lodge has a few great late summer and fall openings between next weekend and the 3rd weekend of October. Dry fly/Streamer/Nymphing, Upland and waterfowl hunting and big game trips – this is the season of plenty. Come get the full Central Wyoming sporting experience right at Grey Reef. Meals, hunting/fishing and accommodations when packaged together leave little available for compare. Many miles of private fishing access and 4 strategic private boat ramps, private hunting access, only operation at Grey Reef, highly experienced guide staff and an awesome dining experience.

The eclipse chaos has passed and the dry fly season is 3/4 throttle. Large pods of slithering trout hoovering the trico spinners in the morning and this will only improve as the Grey Reef flows are reduced. Impressive specimens looking up for the grasshoppers in the afternoon. Psuedos are showing up and pods of risers will be seen also in the afternoon. Nymphing the pseudos is as fun as it gets with really short/light rigs and small emerger patterns in skinny water. The runs are blistering as big trout bolt for deeper cover. Caddis eaters stacking in the heavy runs later in the afternoon and them become easy picking along the edges once they get to or return to the surface. The streamer game is solid with some days better than others but all are worth the effort. The Rusty Trombone has been a crowd pleaser especially when fished with a tip.

Sage Grouse season is close and we are getting booked up with cast and blast and day hunts. This year we get to mix chukar and huns into the sage grouse possibility as the season for those 2 now open two weeks earlier than in previous years. This is awesome news. Our big game season is off to a great start with a few large animals being the feature of many scouting operations.

Miracle Mile fishing is solid with flows a touch south of 1000cfs. A few streamer chases but primarily it is a nymphing game. Fremont Canyon is in full caddis mode and the big fish like thong out in strange spots so be careful what you pass up!