Grey Reef Weather Station

The North Platte Lodge weather station has been experiencing some technical difficulty lately. All should be pretty darn good moving forward and we will to continue to offer the most up date reports including current weather stats and trends. We had to ax our former satellite internet service and accompany that with a nasty new receiver. Current conditions are cool at 21* with a slight breeze. This week will continue the cool trend with slight chances for snow then next weekend looks pretty darn nice! We noticed some folks going out on the river the other day when there we several sections of the upper completely frozen over. Probably made for an adventure they won’t soon forget. Call the shop or stop in to check conditions.

Fishing and patterns haven’t changed although you might find some active streamer eaters on a pretty aggressive strip in some spots. Grey Reef right now is typically dictating a low and slow approach.

Flush is still scheduled for the 9th of March. The presence of ice could delay the flush. The long range forecast suggests 4 days near 40* leading up to the start date.