Hoppers, Tricos, Caddis

Grey Reef flows have been dropped to 2200cfs and the water conditions are excellent, both clarity and temps. The dry fly game is STRONG. The evening streamer approach is very good and nymphing throughout the day will likely produce more fish than any other technique. What will you do? Bring a stack of rods and all of your fly boxes, that’s what! We can get really caught up in the grasshopper fishing and a drift boat presentation…and it is amazing. But that doesn’t exclude the great wading opportunities. AM trico spinner fall will be the desire of pods of slithering trout, gulping mouthfuls off of the surface, through mid October. Even caddis will follow the same pattern as trout post up in the same feeding lanes as they would for the hoppers. But they will also sneak into tight riffles and are suckers for an elk hair pattern with a hare’s ear dropper..even if you don’t see rises they will oblige. A short and relatively heavy nymph rig will get their attention off of the drops and in seams. If the water looks too heavy add a touch of weight and watch the indicator rocket down. Miracle Mile is good but isn’t holding a candle to the Reef and you will likely be nymphing worms, caddis and leeches with success. Fremont is clicking, but again, Grey Reef would be silly to avoid.
NPL big game guide crew is ramping up for elk, deer and antelope seasons. Think long and hard about an antelope hunt with us next year. Not only do we have high quality animals and gobs of excellent public and private terrain but we offer lodging and meals rarely available in the hunting outfitting world. Not only that, if you fill a tag early we have bird hunting and fishing to make the whole experience unique with no lag. You don’t have to calculate the “loss” of guided days when deciding to harvest a trophy animal early in your trip.
Sage Grouse season is coming on the 15th of September and closes Sept 30th, early season waterfowl opens Sept 29th and continues for 2 weeks. Both of these hunts make excellent cast and blasts.
Trophy Trout streamer action will peak in late October and blossom through the first couple weeks of November. If your angler progression dictates the trophy…that is the time and we have the access and experience.
This is a special year with the hoppers and our dry fly fishing has become so good over the past decade that folks now identify Grey Reef as a dry fly fishery and rightfully so.