The Next Two Months…

will be the best dry fly fishing we’ve ever witnessed. This was the theme of a conversation last night between NPL guides Adam Boehlke, Greg Smith and Eric Anderson. The combination of excellent Grey Reef water conditions and an abundance of grass hoppers are the leading factors. The trico hatch has really kicked in and the daily spinner fall attracts pods of gulping trout. Grey Reef has a yellow sally hatch that is providing a midday abundance of bugs and that transitions into the hopper gig late morning through late afternoon. Afternoon caddis hatches keep the fish in prime feeding lanes until dark and after. September will usher in the pseudos and baetis and keep a firm grasp on the caddis and trico hatches through mid October.

While the dry fly thing is a huge focus, the nymphing and streamer game is on-point. Leeches, scuds, crane flies, crawdads and small fish are all important and targeted forage.

Dog training and big game scouting are also ramping up. We have the sage grouse cast and blast opportunity fast approaching the last ten days of September. Early season waterfowl kicks off the 29th of September SO there is a rare window of sage grouse and waterfowl hunts on the same trip. Deer, elk and antelope seasons are knocking on the door and we have some new hunters and returning hunters this fall. Rumor has it that we will be guiding a commissioner tagged hunter this year in one of Wyoming’s premier trophy elk regions.

We have already had a number of our guests solidify their streamer-focused trips for late October through mid-November. This is the time we see the largest number of trophy class trout hit the net. Would you like to experience a 25″ plus Grey Reef trout in 2018? Get on the books and be ready to work!

The corporate option has been very popular this year and rightfully so. Location, quality of the experience, private access, food and convenience are areas where we aren’t matched. This year we have changed the game with additional private access leases and both operations now sell liquor.

Destination Grey Reef Rd.