In Like a Lion

Wyoming Fly Fishing conditions are awesome, top to bottom. Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon reporting clear water and active trout. Grey Reef maintained excellent water clarity and fishing on the upper reaches but the warm chinook winds caused some runoff below Bolton Creek. That recovered quickly and the North Platte River is fishable all the way to Casper, Wyoming USA. The star of the show currently is the Grey Reef Section from Grey Reef Dam to Lusby. We are all booked up with the cottages this weekend but we do have drift boat rentals, RV sites and guides available. The Reef fly Shop, Cottages & RV is stocked and open, swing by! Only one week left of our discounted trips and/or lodging packages. Swing by the website to learn our approach, how extensive our access is and why you might give us a try next time. Help us celebrate our 20th Season of North Platte Lodge! There are some cool events and good food and libations in Downtown Casper this weekend. Look up Bootleggers Liquors, Frontier Brewing, Metro Coffee Company, Gaslight Social, Racca’s Pizza and Urban Bottle. This is a sampling ¬†of the walkable downtown revolution happening in TroutTown, WY. On your stroll you can check out the Ugly Bug Fly Shop and make a few casts and poke a few trout in our stellar urban fishery just a couple blocks away. The whitewater park has great structure and solid fishing. Whitewater kayakers pilgrimage to Casper during the flush so they can get their play boating fix during the daily high-water surge in the whitewater park. This is a cool spectator opportunity…bring your town bike and ride to the downtown destinations and the pathway along the North Platte River.

Grey Reef FLUSHING FLOWS begin next Monday and will continue through the middle of the following week. The flows are charged with purging stifling silt from the trout spawning gravel but they also create fly fishing opportunities that don’t exist any other time of the year. Streamer junkies and midgers alike will have plenty to smile about.

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Below is a view of the North Platte River urban fishery and a portion of the whitewater park in Casper, Wyoming